Authenticity is transparent

A spectrum of design work has the advantage of providing first hand experience in the many disciplines that engage a team, enhancing communication and providing understanding of realistic goals. It also provides many avenues of creativity that prevents narrow, repetitive stylization.




Web Design and UX

From concept to user experience interface including wireframing, then on to front end pixel perfect execution with a solid background in HTML, CSS and the enhancements of Javascript, I have been a key team member on large sites like bareMinerals, Visa, and produced content for the Apple site. See the entire Colibrífiore prototype site here.





E-comm and Advertising

It is a privilege and a thrill to be working on the biggest jobs with the best in the business in agency and in-house studios. Razorfish Ad Agency, Apple, and bareMinerals were ideal places to exercise talent and creative excellence when the whole team depends on you.






One of the most engaging design processes is to take the ideas and conceptions of identity through to visual form. Whether beginning with logo design or wading in to refine a global style guide, a concise knowledge of branding is central to every message.





Editorial Design

Online publishing is an integral part of today's connected experience. Art director of Healing Times magazine selected by Apple Newsstand as "What's Hot" as well as writer and designer for Vhcle magazine and production artist for Apple' screen studio rounds out my experience.






Illustration and Digital Illustration

Classical training as an illustrator has provided a skillset that allows the exacting discipline of hand-crafted art to establish a foundation from which a broad range of creative solutions can emerge. It also allows a solid confidence in digital illustration.